About Us

For more than 60 years, Star Building Materials has been a reliable, premier source for quality building materials in the Calgary Area. 

From our humble beginnings as a lumberyard to becoming one of the largest building industry suppliers in the region, we have continued to define ourselves by the quality of products and services we offer.

At Star, we specialize in computer designed trusses, engineered wood floor systems, and providing other materials to a range of builders. From homeowners looking to build their dream garage, to large builders developing communities, we supply all the components needed to get the job done.

We are leaders in innovation, safety and environmental standards.  Not only because industry standards demand it, but because we do.

Our passion for building and dedication to your projects means that we are with you every step of the way. We insist on being reliable, we value the relationships we build and we love what we do.

Whatever the Project, Build with Star.

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