Deck Estimator
If you are building or replacing an existing deck, we have all the materials needed to complete your project. Use this estimator to plan and design a complete deck package suited to your needs. Simply input your measurements, select your style, and choose your material to receive an estimated price.

Deck Estimator

All standard deck packages include ground contact ACQ, triple zinc FM joist hangers, and fasteners.
Step 1 - Choose Your Style Of Deck
  • Raised Deck
  • Ground Level Deck
Step 2 - What Are The Dimensions Of Your Deck
Width in Feet:
(width is measured along your house)
Depth in Feet:
(depth is measured out from your house)
Step 3 - Choose Your Deck Material
Step 4 - Choose Your Railings
Most building codes require all decks over 24 inches above the ground to have a railing. Please check your building code to verify.
Popular Upgrades (Not Included In Estimated Price)
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