Fence Estimator
Fences are an essential aspect of any property. At STAR, we provide complete fence packages needed to finish your yard. Use this estimator to price out your fence package. Start by selecting one of our popular fence styles, then input your length and finally choose your material to receive an estimated price.

Fence Estimator

All fence packages include fence brackets and screws.
Step 1 - Choose Your Style
  • The Panorama
    The Panorama is a popular fence design, with no-sag, and looks the same on both sides.
  • The Columbia
    The Columbia is a classic fence that is simple to build, with no-sag and three rails across one side.
  • The Robson
    The Robson fence is the strongest, built with no-sag , three rails and a 2x cap to finish of the top.
  • The Fraser
    The Fraser is the easiest fence to build and most economical, with boards on one side, no-sag, and rails on edge.
Step 2 - Choose Your Dimensions
This estimation is based on a 6ft high fence with 4x4 posts.
Length in Feet:
Step 3 - Choose Your Material Type
  • Pressure Treated
Popular Upgrades (Not Included In Estimated Price)
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